We are Siana Electric!

We are Siana Electric!

We specialize in the supply of industrial electrical equipment, energy equipment and spare parts thereto.


We believe that quality is the main prerequisite for success!
We constantly study the market and apply new technologies to keep up with the dynamically changing environment.

Our experience, our years of successful work and good partnerships allow us to create and offer a wide range of high quality products and services at competitive prices.




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Our partners


  • The results achieved by our collaborative work and the experience demonstrated by the Contractor's teams and their technical and organizational capabilities allow us to highly evaluate their work and recommend them as a reliable partner.

    Dimitar Angelov - Executive Director, "NPP Kozloduy" EAD

  • The Contracts were implemented with high quality and within the deadline. We believe "Siana Electric" is a respected and loyal partner.

    Eng. Zh.Dinchev - Executive Director, TPP "Maritsa East 2" EAD

  • The deliverables were performed with high quality and by properly meeting the requirements of the Employer, of the legal regulations and technical standards, and in compliance with the agreed deadlines. "Siana Electric" has highly qualified staff and works with an excellent level of professionalism.

    Shishman Chaushev - Executive Director, "ESO" EAD

  • Notwithstanding the tight deadlines, the company was able to meet all our requirements and the deliveries were made within the agreed deadline. “Siana Electric” is loyal and honest partner and due to the efforts of its staff, they are able to respond in the best way to the needs of its customers.

    Eng. K. Koynarska - Director STORPO "Neohim" AD

  • Throughout our longstanding collaboration "Siana Electric" has established itself as a reliable partner with excellent product quality, competent and timely technical advice, flexible trade policy and expressed desire to comply with our specific requirements. The company is the official representative of the Russian plant for pumps and fittings, which facilitates employers in the supply of energy equipment.

    Quinto Di Ferdinando - Director "TPP ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3" AD

  • "Siana Electric" showed accuracy in terms of delivery deadlines, honesty and professionalism. The spare parts supplied by the company are accompanied by all necessary documents and certificates.

    Eng. Iv. Donchev - procurator of "Assarel Medet" AD

  • The company has complied with all contractual obligations in connection with the execution of the order. It presented all the documents certifying the quality of products.

    Stanimir Kazlachev - Executive Director "Mini Maritsa Iztok" EAD

  • The deliveries were always performed correctly, within the agreed period, the goods delivered are of high quality, they meet the required standards and are accompanied by certificates of quality and origin; there are no complaints and we do have excellent working experience with the company.

    Elvira Shopova - Head "TIO", "TPP Bobov Dol" EAD

  • "Siana Electric" fulfilled its obligations under our contract professionally, within the agreed deadlines and in full compliance with the legal requirements.

    T. Kovanis - Director "Trade and Supplies" at "Steel Industry" AD

  • Thank you for the collaborative work and for the good business relationship that we plan to develop in the future as well.

    Zhivko Zhelev - Manager "Rudin" OOD

  • "Siana Electric" makes deliveries within the agreed deadlines and the quantities supplied are in full compliance with the technical specification for delivery, and with quality corresponding to the certificate from the manufacturer.

    Eng. Tanio Tanev - Executive Director "EMU" AD, town of Targovishte